5 easy strategies to upgrade your law firm’s website to attract more clients.

Implementing certain fundamental techniques can go a long way in improving the performance of your website by taking advantage of psychological principles.

If you’re not taking advantage of your website to get more business for your legal services, you’re literally missing out on money for your law firm. Legal practices that want to be more visible on the web and draw in more desirable cases should optimize their site. Employing some straightforward strategies can have a great effect on enhancing the performance of your website by taking advantage of ideas from behavioral psychology. FirmPilot can automate these tactics for your law firm.

1) Maximize the impact of the initial introduction by making it as positive as possible.

You do not have much time to capture someone’s attention on your website, so don’t waste the most important space on it. That is the space which is seen before a person has to scroll down to the next section, referred to as the “above the fold” space. An individual may just take a few seconds to look at your website before deciding to go to another page or leave. It is your duty to arouse their interest right away. Your website is a marketing tool which can be used to help people learn more about you, or to take an action like booking a meeting with you. According to studies, 82%+ of website visitors will only view what is above the fold, and not look at any other part of the website. To attract their attention, put captivating content at the top of the page.

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2) Concentrate more on the content of your writing than on the design.

The design of your website and individual pages is essential to make sure they are organized and make sense, but your written content is even more important to google’s rankings. Instead of merely telling people what you do, show them. This can include excerpts of reviews from prior customers. To make your written content focused on the client, consider what your website visitors are looking for and the best way to give it to them.

3) Boosting your social proof can be achieved by including special features like highlights or key points from actual clients and cases.

It is astonishing when a person you have provided legal services to offers a substantial description of the experience. However, you cannot anticipate that a fastidious webpage visitor will read all of it. To make things more attractive, use spotlights to draw people’s attention to the most vital phrases. Utilize customized designs that reflect your individual value proposition and why an individual would wish to hire you, by using the exact words from past customers. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to motivate someone to employ you. So make word of mouth digital…

4) Refrain from using popups as a way to capture your website visitors’ attention; instead let them initiate contact with you.

Shopping in a store and having a salesperson continually offer help can be very off-putting. A skilled salesperson will recognize visual signals that a customer needs help or wait until they approach them. The same principle should be applied when it comes to popup messages on a website. Too many of these obstructing the page and forcing offers on the reader without their consent is not desirable. To avoid this, use slide-in notifications or calls to action which are integrated into the text.

5) Consider reevaluating your attitude towards forms and documents.

Every single law office has something similar on their internet site, and it has become so typical that viewers may not pay attention to it. To stand out from the competition, your form should draw attention and be more stimulating. You can still acquire the same contact data and even more information that is valuable by rethinking how you approach forms. Here are a few ideas to obtain the same, if not better, data: You will still get the person’s contact info, but you will also be able to get helpful details about the case to determine whether the lead is worthwhile to pursue. As great example example, instead of submitting a contact form with name, email, and phone number, a potential customer can get a free estimation of their case value.

Modify Your Website to Achieve Higher Conversion Rates Now & Post Blog + Social Media Content that Attracts Clients

If you want your law firm to be noticeable and to keep the attention of your intended audience, you should make your website appealing and search engine optimized. Doing so will increase your visibility in search engine rankings and generate more leads. Working with a simple, but data-driven platform like FirmPilot, can make SEO for lawyers much less intimidating and help your business grow. Content marketing does not only involve writing blog posts; you should update your techniques often to remain ahead of your competitors.

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