Why the Top Law Firms Use Instagram and Facebook to Get More Cases and Followers

This article looks into the current and future possibilities of Instagram for lawyers. It provides feasible advice on how lawyers can leverage this platform to augment their brand visibility and get more clients from social media. But what are the best social media, instagram, and facebook marketing tips for law firms to get more clients and cases?

At first glance, using Instagram for legal marketing may not seem beneficial. However, upon further investigation, it is evident that the social media platform can improve other marketing efforts. For lawyers, Instagram provides a massive opportunity to become more visible, build their business and engage with clients. According to a survey in 2019 conducted by Attorney at Work, 25 percent of lawyers have implemented Instagram into their legal marketing strategies. This rate is lower than the other popular networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that it will grow in the upcoming years. This guide will discuss the current and future prospects of Instagram for lawyers and provide useful advice on how legal professionals can use the platform to enhance their brand recognition and clientele.

The exclusive advantages that Instagram offers to attorneys are unparalleled.

Instagram has become more fashionable and its user base is becoming more diverse, meaning it can be suitable for any industry. However, for attorneys, having a successful presence can be especially advantageous. A few particular benefits stand out. Obviously, Instagram is attractive for legal marketing campaigns that are directed towards a younger demographic. But, even though older audiences are involved, the network can still be effective, providing a high return on investment. That is, of course, if the strategy is properly implemented.

Understanding the steps necessary to establish and make the most of Instagram for legal services marketing initiatives.

Now that we’ve gone over the fundamentals, the remainder of this manual will focus on how to create an Instagram legal presence to increase effect, brand recognition, and customer connections.

Learn how to launch your lawyer-related Instagram profile and get more followers and leads

It is essential to create a professional business page, even if you own a legal practice, to avoid confusing your private presence with your professional reputation. This also unlocks additional audience engagement possibilities.

Best aw firm social media marketing strategy

Every account commences as a personal account, but you can shift it to a professional account by following the steps in the Instagram tutorial. Click on the hamburger menu button in the upper right corner and select “Settings”. Scroll until you find “Switch to Professional Account” and click on it. At this point, you will have the option of creating a professional account, so hit “Continue”. Next, type “Lawyer” in the search box to choose the Lawyer and Law Firm category. Add your profile photo that should be at least 180px long and wide – normally it is the company’s logo. Ensure you use the same profile image on other social media networks for consistency. You can customize your profile further by clicking on the profile image. After these steps, your profile is ready. We will discuss content that will attract and engage your current and potential customers.

Discovering hashtags related to your particular area of law and customers can be done by doing some research and staying informed.

Labels are a significant instrument on Instagram since they enlarge the range of your reach. While great content can eventually pull in supporters, hashtags make it conceivable to become visible right away in conversations associated with your legitimate mastery and specialty. Utilizing hashtags is fundamentally the same as the essential procedures of successful law office SEO campaigns. You find applicable watchwords, at that point make and improve content around the watchwords that your crowd is prepared to draw in with. To begin with, you need to discover what are the best hashtags for personal injury lawyers or criminal defense lawyers to use on instagram. Investigate the Search and Explore tab on Instagram to get an idea of how other users and law offices use the same strategy to draw in their crowd. Once you’ve discovered hashtags that are applicable to you, click it and look through ongoing posts to get an understanding of their notoriety and pertinence to your lawful specialty. You can likewise use outside apparatuses to get more explicit. For instance, Keywordtool.io has an Instagram-explicit tab that permits you to discover significant, famous labels dependent on regular legitimate watchwords. Follow the hashtags that coordinate your necessities and specialty. At that point, start to utilize them as you make a content system improved for your crowd.

Best instagram hashtags for lawyers and law firms

Learn how to craft content that highlights your legal practice and knowledge.

After that, it’s time to construct the posts that will become the foundation for your legal practice’s Instagram presence. Everything is composed of videos and photos, so some production is necessary to make sure the content looks good and serves your marketing objectives. Here are a few ideas to create posts that enhance brand recognition and viewer engagement. Keeping these ideas in mind, start making posts that address your viewers directly. As time passes, you can review their involvement to determine what types of posts are most effective for your particular field and clients.

Discovering the best way to take advantage of Instagram Stories to boost audience interaction.

Instagram Stories have become such a significant component of the social media platform that it is hard to recall that the format was first introduced by rival Snapchat. Even though the core idea is still the same. Users create a collection of photos or videos that are displayed on the newsfeed for only 24 hours, after which they are removed. The explanation for using them is easy to understand. Stories are situated above the newsfeed, which increases their visibility. As they are only visible for a day, they are suitable for sharing timely content. Furthermore, as Instagram moves from one account’s story to the next, it increases the chance that someone will view yours. Stories let you communicate directly with your audience. In addition to a photo or video, you can add stickers like open-ended and yes-or-no questions, countdowns, and polls. You can even add a hashtag sticker that brings your story to a broader range of users. Instagram Stories are displayed in a vertical phone format, with a suggested pixel size of 1080×1920. Pre-planning your content is important to get these features right. Ideas for lawyers to use in their Stories could include: When a story resonates with followers, you can include it in your profile to save it for longer than 24 hours. Over time, you can accumulate a library of stories that show off your brand, knowledge, and experience.

Incorporating Reels into your Instagram approach is a great way to enhance your social media activity.

Reels are a modern tool that most attorneys have not yet employed. These videos are usually 15, 30, or 50 seconds long and are meant to be captivating. Since Instagram wants people to take advantage of Reels, they are given priority in newsfeeds over regular posts, making them a great way to gain exposure and recognition. For attorneys, Instagram Reels work best when responding to inquiries that could be of interest to a large portion of their followers. It is important to ensure proper lighting and angles when recording your reply. Here is a great template for small businesses and law firms to create reels for their followers to see.

Using Instagram for your law firm’s marketing plan to grow leads and gets more cases:

Design an Instagram account that will draw in your target viewers and lift your brand notoriety. Instagram is not a platform that should be the core of your digital marketing efforts for law firms. At its best, it works together with the rest of your strategy which is geared towards making your name more recognized and getting more clients. This could be achieved in a variety of approaches. Comprehending how to get to that point can be perplexing, though you don’t need to do it alone. Check out how FirmPilot uses data to create social media, instagram, and facebook content and posts that will grow your audience and followers.

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