5 Strategies for Launching a New Law Firm: Getting those first clients

For a long time, the classic course of action for lawyers to follow was fairly straightforward: career paths in the legal industry, much like many other fields, have undergone a transformation.

  1. Graduate from law school
  2. Put in your time at a big organization with the ambition of becoming a partner
  3. Ultimately witness your name on the sign outside the office

In the last 20 years there have been a number of elements that have challenged the traditionally non-adaptive nature of the industry, consequently forming an opening for entrepreneurial lawyers.

What has been driving these changes? Let’s look at some of the major factors;

  • Millennials, a much-used and oversimplified term, now have the power to purchase goods, and do not prefer ‘your father’s law firm’.
  • This new generation of lawyers values not only a quality of life, but a career as well.
  • The internet has pushed competency and downplayed relying solely on successes achieved in the past, rather than making new progress.

Some may bemoan the bygone era of grad school internships, yellow page ads, billboards, and the mahogany-lined boardroom with its leather-bound books, yet numerous young (as well as not so young) attorneys understand that this opportunity is the ideal time to launch their own law firm.

Taking the First Step

Getting underway can be a daunting task, but beginning is the initial step to success.

One may be questioning why they should lend an ear to this individual who is not an attorney when it comes to the career choices they are making.

Having shared experiences and consulted with a lot of attorneys who have effectively changed to running their own practices, I have identified the common factors that have led to their success. There’s a method to it, and we want to share what we have witnessed and heard from many new and thriving firms:

1) Be Highly Competent, Be One of the Best

To be successful as an attorney, one must be highly skilled and proficient. If a person is not able to meet their clients’ expectations, then no amount of strategic marketing can compensate for that. What clients want is someone who takes their issues as seriously as they do and cares about their needs.

2) Start in a Niche, Then Expand

If you try to do everything, you do nothing. When beginning a law firm, one should begin in a 1-2 areas and become known as the expert before expanding. Trying to establish themselves in a highly competitive market from the beginning is not recommended unless there is a large marketing budget. It is easier to take on bigger challenges when there is knowledge and experience with smaller markets.

3) Find a marketing solution that works for you and your budget, not an overpromising sales person

It is important to find a marketing solution that will take the success or failure of the personally. A partner that responds quickly to inquiries and is able to explain their strategies and tactics is preferable. They should be able to help with a website that will attract clients, present the firm’s strengths in an authentic way, and do their own social media.

Marketing for new lawyers and new law firms

4) Demand Reviews From Clients

It is important to be assertive when asking clients who are satisfied with their service to leave a review. Taking advantage of the law of reciprocity will help with this. Making it easy for the client to review is key, so apps that allow one to request reviews via SMS are recommended. This is an effective way to ensure that people with similar issues can learn about the firm and its services.

It is known that the use of technology is increasing rapidly in the modern world. Nowadays, more and more people are relying on technology for everyday tasks and activities. This dependence has become so commonplace that it has been dubbed the ‘digital age’. Technology has become an integral part of almost every activity, from communication to entertainment.

Don’t wait, start growing through smarter law firm marketing now.

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