Ten strategies to expand a personal injury legal practice

Although it may be appealing for a PI attorney to experiment with several law firm marketing concepts, it is much more advisable, to begin with, a single channel and strategy and then gradually expand from there. To decide on your first idea, think about the platform where your target audience spends the most time and is most likely to establish a connection with you.

It is not enough for personal injury lawyers to just rely on bus benches and billboards to get the attention of their target audience. In the current competitive market, they need to devise a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan, one that includes both conventional tactics like word-of-mouth advertising and modern online approaches such as PPC and social media ads. Although it can be tempting for PI attorneys to try out all the different marketing ideas at once, it is better to focus on one channel and tactic at a time and then expand from that. When deciding which option to go with, it is important to consider where the potential clients are more likely to find the lawyer and actively engage with him/her.

Enhance the performance of your website by making the necessary modifications.

It is estimated that the majority of online activities begin with a search engine, and people in need of legal services are no different. When an individual has an accident and looks for legal advice, having an effective website that is easy to use and optimized is the best way to get their attention. Personal injury law firms ought to focus on two types of website optimization. The first is to implement an SEO plan. On-site SEO ensures that search engines, such as Google, can understand the pages on the website. Additionally, content marketing provides the opportunity to reach the target audience with topics they are interested in. The website should make it clear who the firm serves and what services they offer, from the structure and content of the website to the technical SEO and well-written material. The second way personal injury attorneys can optimize a law firm’s website is to think about how they can communicate with prospective customers. Great content is fundamental, but it is even better to emphasize the unique characteristics of the firm. For example, if someone in the firm speaks another language, that should be highlighted on the website in a visible location, like Abels & Annes, P.C. do.

Get involved in activities and events within your local area.

To foster recognition and dependability for your personal injury practice, get involved in the community. This could take many forms. Involvement in local activities is not about displaying your legal knowledge but forming your firm as active and involved individuals who just so happen to do law. Here are some of the ways a personal injury lawyer could be proactive in their local neighborhood: For instance, the Hackstaff, Snow, Atkinson, & Grieff lawyers in Denver commonly take part in the Over the Edge charity for cancer research. They abseil from the side of a building and create energy and interest beforehand. This brings attention to a worthwhile cause and puts their names in the limelight in Denver.

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Start a series of videos that are short in length.

If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you might find yourself repeating the same answers during initial consultations. To stay ahead of the competition, you should create short videos that are both educational and engaging. You can post these clips on TikTok, Instagram, your website, and YouTube to get the most mileage out of each recording. It’s best to keep them concise and on-topic, like the McQuaid & Douglas video which gives a general overview of personal injury in Florida.

Establish connections with regional recommendation partners to expand your network.

Apart from chiropractors, other individuals could refer personal injury cases to you. Instead of just focusing on what you can get from referral partners, it is important to establish an authentic and reliable relationship with them. This could involve connecting with local yoga studios or rehab centers, as well as lawyers from different practice areas. To ensure that your referral partners remain loyal to you, it is important to bring something of value to the relationship, through either mutual referrals or by providing top-notch services to your clients. An example of this would be a certain group of personal injury lawyers, who hosted a community event in collaboration with a chiropractic care company, to raise awareness and funds for charity.

Inquire every customer to provide feedback on their experience.

It is easy to create an automated system to request reviews from former customers. Some may even be willing to film a quick video in your office after the final settlement meeting, though Google reviews are just as valuable. Make sure your current clients understand the significance of reviews. Word-of-mouth advertising and ongoing reviews from genuine buyers are necessary for your law firm to grow. Your thoughts about your business and practice will not compare to the approval received from a customer review. Amazing reviews can assist with your Google My Business profile, and legal directory listings, and make you more visible when someone looks for an injury lawyer in the area. Have you seen something similar in the three law offices that pop up when you search “Chicago personal injury lawyer”? They all have several positive evaluations from customers. Don’t order people what to write, but you can provide them with guidance on what is most beneficial to include in the review, such as You can also use these reviews on social media and throughout your website.

Have a get-together where people can come together in person to interact.

Holding workshops that educate individuals on how to approach a certain situation is useful for personal injury attorneys. Some of the titles for webinars or in-person events that could draw attention are: Ensure these events are filled with quality content. There is no need to strongly promote your services, but you can prove your expertise in the field and how you could tackle cases. This also allows family or friends of the individual to attend and potentially set up a future consultation.

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Aim your content toward the people who already follow you on social media.

After a catastrophic collision, a person may need some time before settling on a law firm. They may stumble upon your website when doing a Google search for associated topics such as what recompense can I get for soft tissue injuries or demonstrating faultlessness in a t-bone accident, yet they could very well close the tab and forget your company name. This is where retargeting with pertinent ads on social media or Google comes into play, reconnecting you with that likely client. They will observe promotions for your firm and could initiate a discussion with you. This is a great way to remain in the forefront of their mind during a time when your prospective customer has a lot to manage after a collision. Identify where your audience is in the advertising campaign and adjust ad content to that. For instance, consider somebody who is in the middle of your funnel. They are aware that they have a lawful issue however have not yet chosen to employ an attorney. They have been to your site and recognize your brand. You can retarget them with material that demonstrates you comprehend their needs or how you have aided other people in comparable circumstances.

Obtain valuable data from your business that can be converted into positive results.

Even though you are not able to provide details of particular cases, the information obtained from your current and former caseload can be used to promote your firm. Not only should you gather this data, but also utilize it to point out the distinctive value proposition of your firm in a way that captivates your readers. There is a noteworthy difference between being boastful and stressing the efficiency of your company in terms of helping customers. Your unique value proposition will lead you to make statements in your advertising. For instance, Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers rely on phrases like “top-rated” and “nationally recognized” while still keeping in touch with their local San Diego audience. This is a successful approach to communicating the value proposition of your company. It shows that the lawyers at the firm have the knowledge and can be trusted. But it could be seen as a bit stale by some clients. You may want to use something more courageous, such as the one used by the Levin Firm. With only a few words, this firm creates an inspirational ambiance for any visitor. This implies that with the help of the firm, one can be victorious.

Attend meetings of local bar associations and present a speech or talk at the gathering.

Get in touch with your local and state bar associations as they often require speakers for events. Taking part in these events can be advantageous in terms of forming relationships with those who can refer clients to you, as well as for writing up your participation afterward. Additionally, ensure to advertise the event before it takes place and take pictures when you are speaking. When your peers see that you are requested to share your knowledge within the legal community, it may help potential clients to decide to work with you.

Present your legal counselors for noteworthy honors.

It is beneficial to showcase awards that your law firm has earned on your website as this can assist in attracting new clients. Whether it is a pro bono acknowledgment or a prize for a specific area of law, it is a sign of your status as an authoritative figure. When selecting awards to apply for, make sure that they are highly regarded and have been thoroughly checked. Don’t use this as your only marketing tactic for your personal injury practice, but rather make sure to dedicate some time each year to look at award opportunities.

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Take the Initiative and Advance Your Marketing Strategies Now

Every promotional activity you take part in can make a difference, but don’t underestimate the value of your website. On your website, you have control over the visitors and data, unlike social media where you are subject to the guidelines and modifications of the platform. If you are an injury firm that hasn’t yet invested in marketing, you should begin with SEO. This has a lot of potential for personal injury law firms, particularly because the people you’re trying to reach are likely to search for a lawyer shortly after an accident. FirmPilot has been assisting injury lawyers to get results with SEO for quite some time. If it’s time to start gaining the clients and traffic you need to take your law firm to the next level, invest in an SEO plan that will keep providing returns with FirmPilot.

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