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FirmPilot is the first AI Marketing Platform for Law Firms that analyzes your competitors, and automatically creates high-quality content faster to help you get more cases.

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Trusted by Some of the Fastest Growing Law Firms

FirmPilot AI Case Study

"Growing Our Firm's Online Leads by 2x" - RS Law Group


1) 2x Online Leads



2) $3k-$4k per month saved



3) 100% Visibility into competitors and our own performance


AI analyzes thousands of data points to make you seen and convert leads.

Every hour, more than 1,000 people search for a lawyer. Will they find you, or your competitor?

FirmPilot AI's engine analyzes your digital footprint, your competitors, and over 110+ of the top law firm marketing strategies in real-time to generate SEO-optimized content and keep you ahead of the competition.

AI analyzes thousands of data points to make you seen and convert leads.

Stop wasting money on low ROI marketing activities and expensive ad management fees.

FirmPilot intelligent suggests content that leads are actually looking: no guessing and one simple price.


AI generates months of amazing content in minutes and at the fraction of your current cost.

FirmPilot monitors all your content and your competitor's to suggest & create more content and better content that ranks you higher.

3x more leads year-over-year, and 50% reduction on marketing costs. - The Soffer Firm

Tired of waiting on someone to send you a report?

Monitor and control all of your marketing activities in one place.

Easily analyze performance across wordpress, google, facebook & instagram, and more in seconds and in one place.


The tactics that produce leads, produce the top law firms.

You don't have to be a marketing expert, you just have to follow the data, and now we've made that as easy as one-click.

High-quality blog content automatically written by intelligent AI for SEO

Competitor tracking & insights to suggest content

Automated social media post generated for you and relevant to practice areas

Ad perfomance analysis done for you and suggested ad copy based on results

AI page refreshes to boost google rankings & intelligent keyword optimization

Real-time analytics from wordpress, google, instagram, & more in one place

FirmPilot grew our year-over-year leads by 300% per month, & is so simple to use.

It suggests where and when to market, writes the content for me, and now I know exactly where our marketing dollars are going.

Jesse Soffer
Attorney at the Soffer Firm
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From one simplified & powerful dashboard see and control your website, ads, social media, SEO, analytics, and more.

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If you love them… Keep them! FirmPilot will give you/them the ability to see how they are performing in the simplest dashboard and will still generate additional content for you to add to what your agency already creates so you can out-rank the competition.

If you don’t love them… We’ll start marketing for you right away and at a fraction of the cost; plus with AI insights that analyze over 1,000 data points across your digital footprint and competitors. 

WordPress, google ads, google business, google analytics, facebook, instagram, fb & instagram ads, and callrail. We’re always working on more, so please ask if you don’t see one here.

We offer a free monthly analysis and optimization call that can also be used to answer any questions. Along with free 48-business hour support.


Pricing starts at $2,800 a month and increases with more content, tracked and competitors, and AI recommendations.

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We'd be more than happy to give you a free live demo of FirmPilot. Just contact us below or email us at Hello@FirmPilot.com

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