Law Firm Marketing with AI: How to Get More Clients and Cases with AI

AI marketing for law firms

Running a successful law firm takes more than just being a great lawyer. You need a steady stream of new clients coming in the door. But getting new clients can be a major challenge, especially in today’s oversaturated legal market. Traditional law firm marketing tactics like print ads in magazines just don’t cut it anymore. You need a modern approach to stand out and attract clients in 2023 and 2024.

The Struggle is Real: Growing a Law Firm

As a law firm owner or marketing manager, you know the struggle of getting new clients is real. You pour time and money into marketing but see little return on investment. Your current efforts don’t seem to be moving the needle. It’s frustrating to watch your competition land big new clients while you’re stuck in neutral.

You’re not alone in this struggle. A recent study found that 61% of small law firms say acquiring new clients is their top challenge. But there are solutions and new marketing tactics that can turn this around. The key is having the right strategy in place, not just hiring another law firm marketing agency that promises you the world.

Go Where Your Clients Are – Online

In today’s digital world, the most effective marketing happens online. 95% of people looking for lawyers search online, BUT you can’t just hire an agency to blog blindly. You have to rank above the dozens of other firms in your area online.

Yet many law firms still underinvest in their website and online presence. Don’t make this mistake. Optimizing your website and online visibility need to be top priorities.

Make sure your website is:

  • Mobile responsive – Over 50% of website traffic is from mobile devices
  • Fast loading – 40% of visitors will abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load
  • Easy to navigate – Use simple menus and strong CTAs to guide visitors
  • Optimized for SEO – Target keyphrases related to your practice areas

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. Treat it that way. This means continually updating it: both its content with helpful information and for technical improvements (such as load speed).

Should You Hire Experts to Do It For You?

For many firms, managing marketing across all these channels is a major undertaking. You may consider hiring an agency or consultant to handle it for you. They can provide strategy, execution and reporting.

But agency fees are steep, often $5,000-$15,000 per month, and they rely on older tactics and assumptions.

Leverage AI Marketing Instead of Agencies

Here’s a better solution – use an AI-powered marketing platform specifically designed for law firms.

FirmPilot is the new breakthrough in legal marketing that automates and optimizes all your marketing activities. It handles tasks like website content, SEO, reviews, ads, emails, analytics, and more.

The best part? FirmPilot costs just a fraction of hiring an agency or staff. The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to drive results equal to or better than humans. How… it analyzes your competitors’ data to develop marketing content predicted to outrank theirs. FirmPilot takes the guessing out of marketing, one of the fallbacks of relying on a human agency.

If you’re struggling to grow your firm with better marketing, FirmPilot’s AI platform is the game-changer you need. Stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing. Join the many innovative firms using AI to boost their success.

Check out FirmPilot to learn more and request a demo.

Leverage SEO to Get Found

One of the best ways to attract new clients is leveraging search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps you rank higher in search engines like Google so you appear ahead of competitors when prospective clients search for legal services.

But SEO is about more than just keywords. Google’s algorithm analyzes over 200 ranking factors.

Some important elements of SEO success include:

  • Optimizing page content – Use targeted keywords in headings, body copy, URLs, alt text, etc.
  • Generating backlinks – Build links from high authority websites to boost domain authority
  • Engaging content – Blog posts, videos and other content keeps visitors on site longer
  • Positive user signals – The more people interact with and share your content, the better

SEO is an ongoing process. But the payoff of higher search visibility is well worth the effort.

Spotlight Your Expertise

One of the most powerful law firm marketing tactics is positioning yourself as an expert. When you demonstrate deep knowledge and experience in your practice areas, it builds trust and credibility with potential clients.

There are several ways to highlight your expertise:

  • Write articles for industry publications – This showcases your skills and gets your name in front of your target audience.
  • Start a legal blog – Share insights, trends and developments in your practice areas. This helps establish authority.
  • Speak at conferences or events – Look for opportunities to present on topics relevant to your specialties.
  • Offer free seminars – Hold in-person or virtual seminars to provide value and networking.

The more you can establish your reputation as a legal expert, the more likely you are to convert prospects into clients.

Differentiate with Reviews

Here’s a telling stat: 97% of consumers read online reviews before choosing a lawyer. Reviews have become crucial to hiring decisions.

Yet many firms still don’t actively encourage client reviews. Don’t leave this exposure on the table.

Proactively gather positive reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and Avvo. This social proof can give you an edge over competitors with less reviews.

Respond professionally to any negative feedback. Handled well, negative reviews can actually build trust and credibility.

Retarget Website Visitors

Imagine you owned a brick-and-mortar store. If a potential customer walked in but left without buying, you’d want to follow up with them. You certainly wouldn’t just let them walk away forever.

Yet that’s exactly what most law firms do with their website visitors. Someone finds your site, browses services, but doesn’t contact you. And then they’re gone.

This is why you need to retarget website visitors through digital ads. Retargeting helps turn your previous visitors into new clients by keeping your brand top of mind.

Effective retargeting platforms include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. The key is tracking website visitors so you can serve ads to them later across the web.

Nurture Leads with Email Marketing

When someone provides their contact information, they have expressed an initial interest in your firm. This makes them a promising sales lead.

But the work doesn’t stop there. You need to continue nurturing leads through targeted email marketing. Studies show it takes an average of eight touches before a cold lead converts into a customer.

Develop email sequences that provide value like:

  • Relevant educational content
  • Updates on legal developments
  • Commentary on current events
  • Invites to webinars or events

Email is one of the highest ROI marketing channels. Use it to build relationships with leads over time.

Grow Your Firm Now: Law Firm Marketing That works

Marketing a law firm today requires a modern approach. You need to leverage online visibility, expertise building, reviews, retargeting, email and more. With the right digital marketing strategy executed effectively, you can stand out from competitors and consistently attract new clients. Consider leveraging artificial intelligence with FirmPilot to automate and optimize your marketing. This allows smaller firms to get big results without the huge agency price tag. Use these tactics to take your firm’s marketing to the next level.


What are the most effective law firm marketing strategies?

The most effective modern marketing strategies for law firms include SEO, content marketing, reviews, email marketing, and retargeting. Optimizing these digital tactics is crucial for getting clients.

How much should I budget for law firm marketing?

Most experts recommend budgeting 3-5% of a law firm’s revenue for marketing. The right budget amount also depends on factors like firm size, practice areas, and geographic location.

What activities should be included in law firm marketing plans?

Law firm marketing plans should include tactics like website optimization, blogging, social media, email sequences, PPC ads, review generation, and retargeting campaigns. Having clearly defined strategies for each activity is key. To ensure your activities actually work, use AI such as FirmPilot.

Should lawyers handle their own marketing?

Lawyers can manage basic marketing activities, but usually benefit by working with a specialist. Options include hiring a marketing professional, agency, or using an AI platform like FirmPilot to optimize marketing.

How long does it take for law firm marketing to generate new clients?

It typically takes 6-12 months to begin seeing solid results from law firm marketing efforts. But data-driven platforms like FirmPilot which can crunch 10x the amount of data that a a human agency can, can sometimes cut this time in half.

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